Cause ya had a bad day

Let’s face it, life is hard the majority of the time and can often get you down. When that happens, it is not an excuse to reach for the pint sized tub of Phish Food Ben & Jerry’s as you listen to Daniel Powter but instead to focus on those small personal everyday victories that are usually bypassed. Having had one of those days where I’m not up to scratch, I created my own list below that will hopefully inspire yourself or at the very least make you feel better about your own life when you realize your own talents easily surpass mine. Just promise not to laugh at my expense alright?

Meerkats make everything better

1. Having a compulsive need to change your bed sheets every 2 weeks like clockwork isn’t a bad thing.


2. Despite having next to no flexibility you can do the crab, and one day having a flexible spine will come in handy.


  1. 3.  You can take pride in the fact that you wear matching socks every day, and sleep peacefully at night knowing that your socks reside in a neatly categorized drawer.


4. You’ve had braces. And now no longer have them.


5. You’re not a starving child in Africa, yet nor are you a spoilt product of the 21st century and therefore can appreciate the hand life dealt you.


6. If life has currently dealt you a rotten hand, just remember that you could be worse off and let’s face it, nothing is forever.


7. You’re Irish.

8. Whilst you cannot sing to save your life, you can rap along without batting an eye to Eminem, which is both embarrassing and impressive at the same time. Embrace it.


9. Even when you’re looking your worst, you’re not a big a mess as other people out there, so take pride in the fact that you’re not the ugliest in the bunch.

10. That being said, you’re not the prettiest in the bunch either but this plays to your advantage as you are charmingly approachable and not cocky.


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