Searching for Summer

My last exam was on the 17th of June, which I took seriously. If you count taking a two hour nap in a three hour exam as serious. Physics is not my forte, so I dropped levels on the day of the exam and don’t plan on counting it for points anyway. But when I handed up my sealed blue script, the feeling of closure never came. Yes, I was extremely happy, my 14 years of education were finally coming to an end and I did pursue greasy fast food from a Mickey D’s drive-thru and run around a park with a friend, but the feeling of completion was lacking. 

It’s now just over 2 weeks since I put down my pen and that feeling I was expecting has still eluded me. The day after I finished, I was up early thanks to my internal body clock and declared war on the dust in my room. The four following days after that, I went out every night and had a brilliant time. It could be argued that I over did my partying, since I was coming home when it was bright out again and there may have been 3 days I went without seeing the mother, combined with arriving home on a a Sunday morning at 11:30 am, having forgotten to go to bed. But you only finish your Leaving Cert once right? (unless you repeat of course, but that is never going to happen in my case.)

I had another reason to go all out in my celebrations as well, since a week the Monday after I said goodbye to the Leaving Cert I said hello to an intensive course of antibiotics. This two week course of medication has been planned for a while back but with the copious amount of side-effects that came in association it was decided best to post pone it until after my exams. A logical decision by my doctor, particularly since those side-effects have had me regularly curled up in a ball trying to ignore my spasming stomach and debating baking brownies at 5 in the morning because I’ve turned temporary insomniac and might as well be productive. I’m getting even less sleep than I was on my string of nights out, yet none of the fun (or alcohol!.) 

Despite taking so many tablets that I would rattle if you were to shake me, I have kept busy. The on-going search for a job has been intensified, the amount of CV’s my printer has been churning out is making trees everywhere cry. The mother has rightly shown no sympathy for my health state (because at the end of the day, it could be a lot worse) and has ordered me not to come home until I have no more CV’s left or a newly secured job. That outlook got back tracked yesterday evening though, with a text saying “Hey I was only joking. U can come home even if u still have CV’s. Let me know” after I failed to come home for dinner (It was 20 past 6 at this stage after all.)

I’ve engaged with other minor projects as well that are still works in progress but will hopefully stand to me in the future. I haven’t spent a single day lying on my backside (though there have been a day or two where I was caught wearing one of my beloved onesies.) and I think that’s why I’ve yet to feel closure from my exams. I had envisioned the summer to be one of leisure, with a holiday in Magaluf being the highlight. I should have known better than to have such realistic expectations though, it’s never acceptable to be lazy in my household and I’m too restless anyway. Magaluf for me has gone bust thanks to  spontaneous health aliments but at the end of the day, there’s no pressure to study and I finally get to see natural daylight again. (even if it is saturated with rain from the Irish climate.)

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