Dear 16 year old me

Hello! First of all, it seems like just yesterday I was 16 (clichéd I know!). I really can’t believe its been two whole years already, and I know these letters are usually written in 10 years time, but with it being said that time speeds up as you get older, I won’t have a second to sit down as it’s already flying by. So, lets get started. You’re in for a rocky ride.

First of all, you have yet to reconcile with the father, so don’t waste any time or hope on that front. In fact, the last you heard of him was the usual card on your birthday, which was over 2 months ago.

Secondly, 5th year will be the worst year of your life so far. But, you will survive it so it’s all good. There will be many tears shed and many breakdowns, but things start to look up during the summer.

Next point of business, that medication you had to go on? You will gain about 2 stone from it so keep your fitness up to scratch! Become one of those clean eating machines because you really loose the will power to watch your chocolate intake during 6th year.

So, the scary concept that is your final year in school? It isn’t so scary once it starts because you have yet to accept the fact that you are a 6th year, and I am writing this after you’ve graduated. You don’t study when you should and are very slack with your homework. Also, finding out the schools wi-fi password is a very bad idea.

The first week of 6th year you change a driving lesson in favour of hockey practice. Do not do this! You will end up breaking the thumb on your right hand, spending an embarrassing three days in a sling and a further six weeks with a splint. You will not be able to play hockey for the first half of the season, but on the plus side your handwriting will be hilarious. You still can’t drive though.

So I guess your wondering where you stand with your relationships with everyone. Well, in a nutshell they all go on roller-coaster rides that you’ve yet to get off. But for the most part its in a fun way so keep hanging in there.

I think that’s about it really, I don’t want to give too much away so life remains a surprise for you. (Even though I know you hate surprises.) So, I’ll leave you hear with a cheery wave, and if I get the chance I’ll write to you again in another 5 years or so and we can compare notes.

All the best!

P.S. Those iron tablets you started to take halfway through 5th year? Start taking more of them and demand stronger ones because you may or may not end up in hospital because of it.

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