Running to a Rainbow

It’s 11pm on a Friday night, I have a free house and yet I am snuggled up in bed like the good 18 year old that I am. Despite that being very much true, the reasons that led to me being wrapped up in a duvet are not necessarily by choice. That being said, I am extremely happy right now.

Today I managed a full day of school and stayed back for a 2 hour study session (which I may have spent an hour of hacked on the schools wi-fi, but that’s beside the point) and did not fall asleep or anything along those lines, even walking home after the long day. I then let myself in like the latch key kid I am at 6pm, as the sister is out partying and the mother is away on a business trip. I proceeded to make my own basic dinner of pasta and relax on the computer. Up to this point the day has been an accomplishment, as this past month I have missed more school than I’ve attended thanks to a sudden hospitalisation.

Earlier in the month, less than an hour after my German oral for my leaving cert (biggest state examination I will ever sit that my entire future is currently resting on) I collapse very publicly in the corridor, and embarrass myself. Long story short and two blood transfusions later I’ve been diagnosed as severely anaemic and have apparently suffered chronic blood loss. How I’ve lost all this blood is beyond me, and my doctors. But after multiple return appointments and tests no further insight has been gained and as of Wednesday, I’m classed as stable and was given the all clear to ease back into exercising again.

As a school student in the the most stressful and final year of my 14 years of schooling, exercise has been the most prominent “de-stress” pastime I have. I play hockey, but as the seasons now over I’ve been going for more and more runs and throwing in more strength training to mix it up. So when exercising got taken away from me because I kept blacking out, I wasn’t the happiest bunny in the world, especially as I had hospital appointments to stress over as well.

Wednesday, I couldn’t jump right back into the swing of things because I’d been under general anaesthetic. Thursday, I got through a full day at school and counted that as my victory for the day. Friday, today, after 8pm I decided to go for a run, and although I got absolutely lashed on it was all the more exhilarating.

That 4km run had to be the best of my life. Not the longest I’ve ever ran but I made good time for me, especially considering I’ve been a complete vegetable lately, and was overjoyed at the mere fact that I was running, and not losing consciousness. Usually I grumble and groan through my runs, a battle of mind versus body with my mind always giving in first, but today it was the opposite. When the rain finally did begin to let up and I could see past the raindrops sliding down my face, a perfect rainbow was staring back me. It was just one of the those magic moments where every worry is no longer relevant because suddenly (excuse me for the corniness) you’re wrapped up in the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Arriving back on my doorstep and soaked to the skin, I tested my limits some more with some heavy duty strength training. Dripping in sweat I took an ice cold shower to ease my painfully tight muscles, and now I’m writing this.

Without a doubt it’s been a good day. Oh, and there was a spontaneous conga line around the school today too.

This isn't my rainbow, as I would have had to stop running to take a picture which would have ruined the moment. This is just for the benefit of anyone who doesn't know what a rainbow looks like.

This isn’t my rainbow, as I would have had to stop running to take a picture which would have ruined the moment. This is just for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know what a rainbow looks like.

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